Apply to change the packaging of your pesticide product

You may wish to introduce new packaging types, or materials or sizes other than those originally authorised. Changes to packaging usually only impact in the areas of operator exposure and storage stability, although there may be other concerns.

If you wish to change the packaging size within the authorised range (for example changing to '1 to 5 litre containers where your authorisation specifies '1, 2 and 5 litre containers') you must submit the following with your application:

  • a covering letter fully explaining your request and detailing the requirements below
  • completed application form CRD2
  • letters of access to third party data
  • any previous relevant correspondence for example a copy of the parent product authorisation, previous authorisation/trials permit/EAMU as appropriate or any written advice previously provided by HSE

How to submit your pesticide application.

The above application, where no technical assessment is required can be processed during the transition after renewal of approval of the active substance under Regulation 1107/2009 but before the product authorisation has been renewed.

Changes to packaging design, material or sizes outside the authorised range require technical consideration and you must.

  • Fully explain your request in a covering letter
  • Complete application form CRD 1
  • Submit any letters of access that are required
  • Submit any previous relevant correspondence which must be, at a minimum, a copy of your product's authorisation. If the authorisation is unavailable, a reference (including COP number, date of issue and Notice of Authorisation Number) must be submitted
  • For refillable bulk containers, small volume returnable containers and any other novel containers, submit one copy of the proposed product label and, if necessary, a Compatibility Assurance Statement (read The Labelling Handbook and the guidance on tank-mixes for further information)
  • Submit reasoned cases or data to address all the appropriate areas of the risk assessment. This information may be provided in the format of an Application Overview and the areas you should particularly consider are operator exposure, pesticide chemistry and any potential environmental contamination
  • All applications for PPPs should be made in the form of a dRR. Use the dRR templates to create your dRR.
  • If you are requesting authorisation for a novel packaging design, submit full details of the packaging specification, including diagrams, and any re-circulating and/or transfer systems. You should also submit details of whether the packaging is returnable or refillable.

How to submit your pesticide application.

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Updated 2024-04-26