Responsibility for Pesticides

HSE's Chemicals Regulation Division is responsible for, amongst other things, the regulation of plant protection products and biocides. That part of the Directorate based in York is responsible for plant protection products used in the following situations:

  • Horticulture (eg in greenhouses and on parklands)
  • Agriculture (eg on food crops)
  • Forestry (eg on trees)
  • Home garden (eg for amateur use in situations such as on houseplants, garden roses and lawns)
  • In or near water (eg on river banks to control weeds)
  • Vertebrate control agents (used to protect plants)
  • Industrial herbicides (eg for land that needs to be kept clear of weeds but which will not be used to grow food)

Further information on the Regulation of pesticides

What About Other Pesticides?

Part of the Chemicals Regulation Division based in Bootle is responsible for biocidal products (ie non-agricultural pesticides). These include ant, fly and wasp killers (insecticides), and rat and mouse killers (rodenticides). They also deal with patio cleaners and masonry and wall washes to remove algae and mould and surface wood treatments (preservatives) and products to control algae and blanket weed.

The Veterinary Medicines Directorate(VMD) is responsible for products for use on animals, farm animals, for example sheep dips and pets.


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Updated 2021-08-23