Processing timelines for pesticide product applications

Accepted applications are placed in different processing streams, depending on the date of submission and type of authorisation requested.

What are the targets for new active substance and active substance renewal applications?

There are also 'milestones' for the completion of work relating to new active substance and active substance renewal applications being considered for approval under Regulation (EC) 1107. You will be informed of the relevant milestones by the Assessment Manager responsible for your application. If you have any questions relating to the targets and milestones for these types of application, you should contact our Help Desk. See the Contact Details page.

What are the streams and targets for product applications?

Your application will be allocated to the appropriate stream following consideration at the weekly Applications Sift.

In accordance with the timelines defined in Regulation (EC) 1107. The processing times are outlined below:

Application streams

Evaluation Type Article Number of Regulation (EC) 1107 Timeline Comment
Authorisation or amendment of an authorisation 33, 34, 51* and 54 12 months Timeline defined by legislation
Additional information request 33, 47 and 51* - A total of 6 months given for the provision of further information
Following zonal, mutual recognition (Northern Ireland) and Low risk products 33, 40 and 4 120 day Timeline defined by legislation
Art 43 Renewal 43 and 51 52 week Timeline defined by legislation/guidance
Parallel permit (Northern Ireland 5 45 day Timeline defined by legislation
Emergency situations in plant protection 5 As agreed with HSE Once we have accepted an application as an emergency, we will contact the applicant to discuss the date by which the authorisation is required and arrange a suitable processing target time for your application

*Article 51 covers extensions of authorisations for minor uses.

HSE will endeavour to complete all applications as soon as possible, and for certain application types this is likely to be well within the legislative deadline. Applications of a purely administrative nature, for example, will be processed within 6 weeks.

What are the targets for applications for import tolerance and official recognition?

These applications are not included in the application types/streams outlined above, but they are subject to completion targets, which vary according to the type of submission. For full details of the processing targets for import tolerance applications, please see the guidance on import tolerances. Processing targets for official recognition are available in the Applicant Guide.

How do I find out the target and what might impact upon the processing time?

We will inform you of the target date for completion of your application once it has been accepted at the sift (except for admin applications where the short processing time makes this impractical).

For some applications we may need to seek further information from you. Any time spent seeking further information does not count towards the processing time of your application.

If we need to seek further information from a third party to enable us to continue with the evaluation, the time awaiting this information will not count towards the processing time for your application.

For Northern Ireland parallel trade permit applications, we need to seek confirmation of formulation details from competent authorities. This does not count towards the processing time of your application.

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Updated 2024-04-26