Pesticide application types relevant to Northern Ireland only

Recognition of a pesticide product authorisation granted by another authority

You can apply for recognition of an authorisation already granted by another authority provided the application relates to the same product and use, and comparable agricultural practices to Northern Ireland.

This is under Article 40 of Regulation (EC) 1107/2009.

Zonal pesticide product authorisation

You can apply for a pesticide product authorisation in Northern Ireland via the zonal application process. These applications should not involve data evaluation (except where data are required to address the national specific requirements or demonstrate comparability of environmental / agricultural conditions).

Placing a product on the market using the parallel trade permit procedure

Parallel trade is the trade of a plant protection product which is: 

  • authorised in the Member State from which it is obtained (the Member State of origin) 
  • determined, by the Member State of introduction, to be identical in composition to one that is already authorised in the Member State of introduction (so, identical to the reference product)

This can be used for imported products to be placed on the market and or for products that are to be only stored and used.

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Updated 2024-03-25