Environmental fate and behaviour: Information for pesticide registration in Great Britain and Northern Ireland

When you are applying for pesticide registration in Great Britain and Northern Ireland you need to provide consideration of the environmental fate and behaviour of the active substance(s) and the product.

Environmental fate and behaviour considers how substances behave in soil, surface water, sediment, groundwater and air.

Key elements to assessing pesticides in the environment are:

  • What the active substance breaks down into (referred to here as metabolites)
  • How quickly the active substance and metabolites break down
  • Where the active substance and metabolites move to in the environment
  • Whether the substances build up (accumulate) in the environment
  • What levels (predicted environmental concentrations (PECs)) of active substances or metabolites are likely to occur in the environment

Regulations and data requirements

Environmental fate and behaviour data requirements are set under Regulation 1107/2009 (EC)

All applicants must follow the regulations above and consider ALL the available guidance.

Environmental fate and behaviour webpages:

Overall guidance and access to calculators

Environmental compartments

Additional useful guidance:

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