Active substances approved for use in pesticides

The GB approvals register

An active substance must be included in the statutory GB Pesticides Approvals Register before it can be included in any PPP authorised for use in Great Britain.

The GB Pesticides Approvals Register provides a full list of approved active substances which can be included in plant protection products in Great Britain, together with details on the specific conditions of approval.

Download the GB approvals register

Many active substances are approved as a result of EU legislation being adopted into GB law. EU pesticides legislation often provides further explanation of certain conditions of approval or specific provisions in a separate review report.

For approvals transferred from EU decisions taken before EU exit, you may need to read the relevant EU review report for further explanation of some points relating to the approvals.

You can find the review reports for specific active substances on the EU Pesticides database (Europa website).

Approvals in Northern Ireland

EU decisions on active substances apply directly in Northern Ireland. You can find details of the active substances approved in the EU on the EU Pesticides database (Europa website).

Product authorisation

Approval of an active substance alone does not indicate approval for use. A product containing the approved active substance must be authorised before it can be used.  It is illegal to use a plant protection product other than in agreement with its product authorisation.

You can find details of UK plant protection product authorisations on the Pesticide Product Database.

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Updated 2023-10-03