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Please note there can be a time lag between new authorisations being issued and their details appearing on our website databases. A similar delay can also occur when changes are made to existing authorisations. Please therefore contact us if you wish to be absolutely sure that the information you are looking for is the most up to date.

Currently authorised (extant) plant protection products(PPP)

  • Garden Pesticides Search (Amateur Uses)
    Search for currently authorised products for use by amateurs (non-professionals). You can search for the plant/area to be treated, the product name, marketing company, active substance, MAPP number (registration number), or type of PPP. A user guide is available to aid searching.
  • The Pesticides Register Database
    Search for extant PPP with on-label authorisations. The User Guide provides helpful information on the type of searches you can do.
  • Published 'on-label' e-@pprovals documents
    Database shows documentation issued since 2005 for a particular PPP including authorisations (or permits), amendments to authorisations and withdrawal notices. This includes products that have expired and are no longer authorised. You will need to know the MAPP (registration) number or name of the product for the public search facility.

Extensions of authorisation, adjuvants and basic substances

Basic substances

A basic substance is a commonly available commodity which has been assessed as acceptable for specific plant protection purposes. Examples of basic substances include sucrose, calcium hydroxide and vinegar.

Basic substances must not be sold as a PPP nor can they be labelled with any plant protection claims or the uses approved at a GB/NI level. Growers may however purchase these commodities and use them in accordance with the approved conditions of use. No separate authorisation for the use is required.

Full details of the currently approved active substances (chemical, low-risk and basic) including the review report can be found on the GB/NI Pesticides Database.

Basic substances must not be confused with products containing low-risk active substances which need to be evaluated and authorised in the usual way.

More on basic substances

More on low-risk active substances

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FAO/WHO Joint Meeting on Pesticide Residues (JMPR)

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