Apply to change a pesticide product: changes identical to those considered for another product

If you have submitted an application for a product (the 'lead' product) that requires technical consideration, you can request the same changes for an identical or similar product (the 'trailing' product). For example, for a change in the statutory conditions of use or change in formulation details.

You must consider whether any new authorisation for the trailing product should be based on:

  • the new authorisation for the lead product, for example if the lead and trailing products are identical
  • the existing authorisation for the trailing product, incorporating any changes made to the authorisation of the lead product - this would apply if the products were similar but the resulting changes were common to both

You can submit your application(s) for 'trailing products' at any time, but we prefer that you submit them with the 'lead' product.

If the application for the lead product is still ongoing, we will consider the trailing application once the lead application is authorised.

This approach is not possible where a technical assessment would be required to extrapolate the evaluation for the lead product to the trailing product. For example, where the formulations are significantly different.

Provide the following with your application:

  • a covering letter fully explaining your request and detailing the requirements below
  • completed application form CRD2
  • letters of access to third party data
  • any previous relevant correspondence for example a copy of the parent product authorisation, previous authorisation/trials permit/EAMU as appropriate or any written advice previously provided by HSE

This application can be processed during the transition after renewal of approval of the active substance under Regulation 1107/2009 but before the product authorisation has been renewed.

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Updated 2024-03-13