Apply for a new use for your pesticide product based on authorisation via article 40 (Northern Ireland only)

Once a pesticide product has been authorised in EU Member States, following active substance approval and evaluation to Uniform Principles, it is possible to mutually recognise this authorisation in Northern Ireland (read the guidance on authorisation via article 40). This process can also be applied to authorisation for specific uses.

In support of your application you must submit the following:

  • A copy of the authorisation issued for the reference product in the reference member state with a translation into English
  • A finalised core registration report for the reference product's evaluation in the reference authority (a complete and summary dossier for the product and each active substance, safener and synergist)
  • A declaration that the GAP, the active substance technical specification, the formulation recipe, the packaging type and classification labelling are all the same as those for which authorisation has been granted in the reference authority, and that the assessment is to Uniform Principles using EU agreed endpoints
  • The declaration must state that the finalised core registration report is available
  • A covering letter and detailed application overview, including detailed evidence that the agricultural, plant health and environmental (including climatic) conditions relevant to the use of the product in the reference Member State are comparable with those in Northern Ireland
  • A signed and completed application form CRD1
  • A copy of the draft UK label for your product
  • A dRR Part A/B0, detailing the risk management pertinent to the UK, a dRR Part C, and the dRR Part B UK addenda in all relevant areas detailing the risk assessment to address Northern Ireland specific issues
  • If the product contains a ‘candidate for substitution, you are required to submit information to support the process of comparative assessment

For full information read the guidance on authorisation via article 40

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Updated 2024-04-26