Register of unacceptable co-formulants for pesticide products and adjuvants in GB

The unacceptable co-formulants register details all co-formulants that are not permitted to be included in any plant protection products authorised in Great Britain or in any adjuvants on the English and Welsh or Scottish Official Lists of Adjuvants.

This Register comes into effect in Great Britain on 24 March 2023.

Download the Register of unacceptable co-formulants

You can search entries in the register by:

  • Chemical name (IUPAC and common name)
  • CAS number
  • EC number
  • Date of decision
  • Sunset date, the date on which the co-formulant can no longer be used in plant protection product  and adjuvant production

Regulations and criteria

Article 27 (including 27 B) of retained Regulation EC No 1107/2009, requires that Competent Authorities maintain a register of co-formulants which are not acceptable for inclusion in plant protection products. Adjuvants are also impacted by the prohibitions, as they are defined by Art. 2(3)(d) as consisting of or containing co-formulants.

More information on the criteria to determine whether a co-formulant is included in the register.

Authorisation in Northern Ireland

Under the terms of the Withdrawal Agreement and Northern Ireland Protocol, EU PPP legislation continues to apply in Northern Ireland, so you should refer to the text of the EU Regulations if your product is to be authorised in Northern Ireland.

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Updated 2023-10-03