Pesticide application forms

You must submit the appropriate form with your application.

There are also other documents and information you need to provide with your application.

Application types and form required

The forms download as Microsoft Word documents.

Type of application Application form required
New commercial authorisation, permit for trial purposes, technical equivalence (product authorisation held or applying for new authorisation) CRD1
Administrative authorisation (not extension of authorisation for minor use or official listing of adjuvant), technical equivalence (source already included in UK product authorisation) CRD2
Extension of authorisation for a minor use of a plant protection product CRD3
For the inclusion of an adjuvant on the official list CRD4
Northern Ireland only
For a parallel trade permit for imported pesticide products
Northern Ireland only
For an own use parallel trade permit for imported pesticide products
For an administrative permit for trial purposes CRD7
For consideration of new or changes to the technical material (outside of a product application) CRD8
For  an emergency authorisation CRD9
For applications to renew products after the renewal of an active substance CRD-R
For applications for a pre submission meeting CRD10
For applications to change MRLs, for new MRLs or for import tolerances CRDMRL
For notification of non-significant formulation changes CRD-N
For applications for Official Recognition Oret1

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Updated 2024-03-12