Plant protection products enforcement

Reporting an incident or concern

If you have a concern about non-compliance with the law on plant protection products or are aware of an incident relating to the use of plant protection products, you should report it to the appropriate enforcing authority. If you aren't sure whether the incident / concern involves a plant protection product, find out more about plant protection products.

Find out which is the right enforcing authority for concerns with plant protection products in Great Britain (GB).

The right enforcing authority for concerns about non-compliance with other laws that HSE oversees may be different. The following pages will help you decide on the right enforcing authority and tell you how to report your concern:

The plant protection products law that is enforced by HSE in GB is the GB Plant Protection Products Regulation (GB PPPR). If your concern relates to the plant protection products law that applies in Northern Ireland – the EU Plant Protection Products Regulation (EU PPPR) – please visit the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) website.

Reporting issues with plant protection products to HSE

If HSE is the appropriate enforcing authority for your concern about plant protection products, you should report it to the Enforcement Team in our Chemicals Regulation Division (CRD) directly. There is no need to fill in any forms, just email us at [email protected]. To ensure we can consider the complaint fully, please:

Please note: We will not investigate your complaint if you choose to remain anonymous and tell us that you do not want HSE to disclose that a complaint has been received, unless a vulnerable person is involved.

How we enforce

If you contact us about a plant protection product incident or concern we:

HSE may not be able to investigate everything that is reported to us – we have to prioritise according to the severity of hazard and risk of harm to persons, animals and the environment. We will focus the majority of our resource on:

As part of an inspection or investigation we may:

More information on the principles of HSE's investigations can be found on our central enforcement pages.

Offences and penalties

It is an offence for a person to fail to comply with, or cause another person to fail to comply with:

Other offences include:

It is important to note that, GB PPPR applies in parallel with a number of other laws, including other general chemical law such as GB REACH Microsite, GB CLP chemical classification microsite and General Product Safety (GPS) Regulations – this means that compliance with GB PPPR does not excuse a failure to comply with another law, and vice versa.

Where HSE determines it is appropriate to prosecute a person for an offence, they may be tried:

If a prosecution results in a conviction, then the Court will determine what penalty is appropriate in the circumstances. The maximum penalties available are set out in law and vary depending on whether:

The Courts will usually fine an offender, although there is often no limit on the amount of fine that can be awarded.

Notices and prosecutions

Details of HSE's successful prosecutions and the notices we have issued are published on our website in the register of prosecutions and notices.

Updated 2021-08-06