EAMU and the change or withdrawal of pesticide product authorisation

Notice of authorisation numbers (NANUMs) are issued for extensions of authorisation for minor use (EAMU's). Where simple administrative changes are made to existing authorisations, a new NANUM will not be issued and authorisation will continue under the original number. However, new NANUMs will be issued for example, where more complex changes are made which may have a negative impact on the conditions of use, or where the ministerially authorised pesticide product (MAPP) number of the plant protection product is changed.

To ensure clarity of the EAMU where many and possibly diverse crops with differing conditions of use could appear on the same authorisation only one crop or crop grouping will appear on an individual authorisation.

When changes to an authorisation do not make it more restrictive

Where an authorisation includes an additional use or other changes which do not make the conditions of use more restrictive, the original authorisation will be re-issued using the same NANUM but incorporating the changes. The advisory information will detail the changes made, for example:

'This authorisation updates Notice of Authorisation number 1139 of 2003. In the 'Other Specific Restrictions' for this authorisation the reference to the use of 'Nevolin' as a fogging agent has been replaced with the wording 'carrier agents containing less than 65% w/w dichloromethane'. Earlier versions of Notice of Authorisation number 1139 of 2003 remain valid.'

Where the authorisation becomes more restrictive

Where an authorisation becomes more restrictive, a new authorisation will be issued with a new NANUM to reflect the new conditions of use. A new notice and NANUM will also be issued to change the expiry date of the original extension of use, reflecting any withdrawal period granted. If a period of withdrawal is permitted, the conditions of use stipulated in the original notice will remain valid for the period stated.

  • NANUM 1: This authorisation supersedes Notice of Authorisation Number **** (original NANUM). This authorisation has been issued because there has been a change relating to the crops/Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (Non-Dietary Human Exposure) phrase/other specific restrictions/rates/timings/environmental protection phrase etc.
  • NANUM 2: This authorisation replaces and withdraws Notice of Authorisation Number **** (original NANUM). This authorisation has a new expiry date of 00/00/0000. The conditions of authorisation for **** (original NANUM) remain valid until 00/00/0000.

Immediate withdrawal and replacement of an authorisation

When a new notice of authorisation has been issued and the original authorisation needs to be withdrawn with immediate effect, the following information will appear on the new authorisation:

This notice of authorisation completely withdraws and replaces NANUM **** (old NANUM). This is because………(and a relevant explanation will follow).

Immediate withdrawal of an authorisation where no replacement is issued

Where a NANUM is completely withdrawn and not replaced, a withdrawal notice will be issued and published on the website, together with an explanatory note. Details of any such authorisation will be immediately withdrawn from the HSE website.

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Updated 2024-02-12