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Accuracy Statement

We have made a number of databases available for your use on this website. Please note that there can be an administrative time lag between a product receiving authorisation and its details appearing on the databases on the website.

The information recorded in these databases is complete to the best of our knowledge. Please report any errors and inaccuracies using our contact page.

Databases Disclaimer

Whilst regular effort is made to ensure that the information contained on our website programme is accurate, complete, up to date and valid, we need to bring the following qualifications to your attention.

Our goal is to keep the material as up to date as possible and we will take reasonable care to ensure that up-to-date material is included as soon as staff are able to post the new information. However, it may take some time from the introduction of new legislation or procedures for relevant guidance to be posted. Please bear with us when sections of the website are, of necessity, withdrawn when there have been significant changes. Visitors to this website are advised to check with their own suitably qualified professional advisers before acting on information posted on this site.

Summaries of law and procedure have been produced for illustrative purposes only, and may describe the existing HSE (Health and Safety Executive) policy and understanding of the intention of the EC Commission and other law and rule makers. Notes and Guidance material must not be treated as a complete or authoritative statement of the law as they are no substitute for the actual legislation. The ultimate interpretation of the law is for the Courts.

Updated 2023-02-23