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Annual Questionnaire on the Possible Effects of Pesticides on Human Health

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Authorisation holding companies are under an on-going obligation to immediately submit any new information on the potentially dangerous effects of a product or of residues of an active substance contained in a product, on human or animal health, ground water or the environment. In order to check whether this reporting system is functioning effectively CRD carries out a survey of all human health incidents reported to Authorisation Holders each year.

Survey Results

2014 Survey Results

Publication of names of companies who did not reply to our request for information

2014 Survey

ECP Papers

ECP paper Human Health Incidents 2014

Latest Requests

Human Health Enquiry and Incident Survey (HHEIS) and Resistance Reporting 2014

Surveys Before 2014

Link to information on previous Human Health Incident Surveys before 2014 (on the National Archive website)


Updated 2020-07-17