Amateur (home garden) pesticide products: pack size limits 

Principles of the maximum pack size limits

The pack size of all amateur products must be limited to the maximum that would be used in a typical garden in one season. This will help to ensure that most products are used up within 1 or 2 seasons.

How to calculate the maximum pack size for an amateur product

The size and construction of a large UK garden is taken as follows:

  • Lawn = 200 square metres
  • Ornamentals = 50 square metres
  • Fruit and vegetables = 50 square metres
  • Patio and paths = 50 square metres.

When you submit an application for a new product, you must justify the maximum pack size by considering the uses proposed (in terms of application rates/number of applications) and the above assumptions on typical areas treated.

If you wish to seek a derogation from these maximum pack size restrictions, you must submit a reasoned case with your application which we will consider on a case-by-case basis.

We encourage authorisation holders to make available at least one smaller pack size to cater for small gardens.

2 for 1 offers

We discourage 2 for 1 offers on amateur products where this would exceed the maximum pack size allowed for use in a typical garden in 1-2 seasons. In addition, if the product types in a 2 for 1 offer are different, for example a weedkiller and a fungicide, then this would not be acceptable as it may encourage unnecessary purchase and use of pesticides.

Other bulk sales

Bulk sales, such as buying 2 of the same product for a lower price than buying them individually, are acceptable if the maximum pack size for one season's use is not exceeded. For example, offers on buying 2 ready-to-use 1 litre products for a lower combined price than normally buying them individually would be acceptable, where the maximum permitted pack size is 3 litres.

Bulk sales on concentrates are generally discouraged as they are likely to lead to gardeners buying more than the maximum allowed for 1-2 seasons use.

You must ensure that special offers do not breach the principle that the total quantity of the same or similar products sold is  not more than that permitted as a single pack representing 1-2 seasons use.

Ground coverage on labels

The crop or ground coverage provided by each pack size (eg. 'treats x square metres') should be clearly stated on the main area of the label.

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Updated 2024-04-26