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Crop Definitions List

What is the Crop Definitions List?

HSE’s Crop Definitions List replaces the Crop Hierarchy. It provides consistent terminology for the uses given in Plant Protection Product (PPP) and adjuvant authorisations and databases. It also further describes the specific crops and situations covered by each term.

An explanation of how the list is structured and how it should be used is given in the introductory text of the List itself.

The Crop Definitions List

What has changed in the Crop Definitions List?

Compared to the previous Crop Hierarchy, the Crop Definitions List provides links with the relevant edible crop/commodity codes as listed in Annex I of Regulation 396/2005 [The Maximum Residue Levels (MRL) Regulation]. As a result some crop descriptors and definitions have changed. These mostly relate to edible crops but there are also some minor changes to the non-crop production and non-edible crop definitions.

Where the risk assessment allows, the crop definitions have been expanded to include very minor crops to which the same MRL commodity code applies. This means that where an authorisation is granted on a basic crop (eg horseradish), the same authorisation is available to growers of the very minor crops which are specified within that basic crops definition (eg dandelion and gentian when grown for their roots). If using on these minor crops, growers are responsible for the risks to the crop in terms of effectiveness and crop safety.


The new Crop Definitions List applies with effect from 1 January 2015 and replaces The Crop Hierarchy version 4.

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Updated 2021-01-06