Labelling Handbook Contents

The 'Labelling Handbook' provides comprehensive guidance on UK labelling requirements for professional, amateur and experimental plant protection products (PPPs).

Labelling Handbook Sections

The Labelling Handbook is available in 4 parts as follows:

When preparing a draft label for submission to HSE and producing the final printed label after authorisation, applicants must use Volume 1 plus one of Volumes 2 to 4 as appropriate.

Classification labelling under other legislation

This guidance is without prejudice to labelling requirements of other legislation, for example, Regulation on Classification, Labelling and Packaging of Substances and Mixtures 1272/2008 (the CLP regulation). However, the Handbook does provide guidance on incorporating the requirements of CLP on product labels.


Any comments on the structure or contents of the Labelling Handbook, or any suggestions for improvement please contact us.

Further Information

Additional information on labelling issues was included in the following Regulatory Updates which can be accessed from the National Archive.

  • 21/2006 - Using Non-Toxic Slug Traps When Assessing Slug Activity and the Risk of Damage in Winter Wheat and Oilseed Rape
  • 03/2010 -Changes to Labelling and Other Requirements for Home and Garden Pesticides (2)
  • 25/2010 -Changes to Labelling for Certain Home and Garden Pesticides Containing Ferric Phosphate
  • 28/2010-New Procedures for Label Checking
  • 05/2011-Regulatory Update: Clopyralid - label amendments for amateur products
  • 42/2011- Application of the HardSPEC Assumptions from the Regulatory Risk Assessment on Non-Porous Hard Surfaces
  • 30/2012 - Changes to the default label phrase and respiratory protective equipment (RPE) requirements for Plant Protection Products containing micro-organisms
  • 19/2013 - Amateur Products - Change of Disposal Safety Phrase
  • 08/2014 - Amateur Products – Change of Disposal Safety Phrase – Amendment Notice

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