e-@pprovals Introduction

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) makes digitally signed authorisation documents available to applicants and other interested parties via the e-@pprovals system.

Authorisation holders may choose to receive their authorisation documents via this system rather than by email or post. Confidential documents are made available via a secure area of the system for a period of 2 months after issue. There is no additional charge for this service

Document format

Documents issued since August 2020 are made available in PDF format. Those issued prior to August 2020 are made available as Word documents.

All documents are digitally signed. The use of a digital signature ensures the legal validity of the document.

How the process works

The public search allows any user to download and view authorisation documents in the public domain. To get a better impression of how the process works, view the publicly available authorisations.

All adjuvant authorisations are also downloadable.

Download your company's Authorisation Letters

Any company wishing to download their authorisation documents via this service, will need to apply to HSE for a username and password.

Authorisation Holders must apply by email from a company email account or  in writing on company headed paper. This must be from a registration manager known to HSE, and must quote the COP number of a recently authorised application or one in progress. Applications should include the names of all company employees requiring access.

Emails should be sent to [email protected].

Letters should be addressed to:

Health and Safety Executive
Chemicals Regulation Division
Mallard House
Kings Pool
Y01 7PX

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Updated 2023-08-18