Pesticides Register Database: User Guide

See the Pesticides Register Database.


The Home Page

When you enter the database, a screen presenting 3 search options will be displayed. None of the searches are case sensitive, so both upper and lower case letters can be used.

  1. Search for Products by Specifying Authorisation Features.
    Search by Product name, MAPP or MAFF number, Marketing Company, Authorisation Holder, Active Substance, Crop, Field of Use, Amateur/Professional, Aquatic Use, Aerial Use, LERAP Category, Parallel Import, Earliest or Latest Authorisation Date.
  2. Search for Changes to the Pesticide Register.
    Search for changes made since a specified date.
  3. Search for Products that are Subject to Withdrawal.
    Search by date, Marketing Company, or both, for products that are going to be withdrawn from the market.

Pest-Reg search page

1 - Search for Products Specifying Authorisation Features:

This search provides details of current Authorisations. Selecting this link will display the Product search page shown below. Please Note: Searches will only find products that are authorised at the time of the search.

To search for all extant products enter the date 01/01/1960 in the "Earliest Approval Date" field. However, due to the very large number of Authorisations, you should be aware that this search will take some time to process.

PPP Results page

PPP Results page

Product details screen is as shown below:

Authorisation Details

If there are any replacement products these will be listed at the bottom of the details page (not shown). Any digitally signed authorisation notices available in the e‑@pproval section of the website, will be listed at the bottom of the details page with a link to the document.

2 - Search for Changes to the Pesticide Register:

Selecting this link will take you to the following search page. This option allows you to search for changes made since a specified date.

Changes to Pest-Reg

You can print a list of all the Authorisations returned by your search by clicking on the "[All Results Print Version]" link above the results table.

All Results Print Version

3 - Search for Products Subject to Withdrawal:

This search allows you to find products that are going to be removed from the marketplace.
When this search is selected the following search screen is displayed:

screenshot of Subject To Withdrawal page

Withdrawal Between Dates Results

A results screen as shown below will be displayed:

Expiry Date Search Results

Useful Tips

Updated 2023-02-23