Withdrawal Notices for Extension of authorisation for a minor use of a plant protection product

An Extension of authorisation for a minor use of a plant protection product may be immediately withdrawn where there are safety concerns such as that arising from a review of the active substance. When this occurs, a Withdrawal notice will be issued withdrawing authorisation for the affected use with immediate effect.

Copies of Extension of Authorisation Withdrawal notices issued recently are available below. A copy of each authorisation is available as a Microsoft Word document, which can be opened by clicking on the product name link.

Extension of Authorisation Withdrawal notices will remain on the website for a period of six months after the final expiry date.

It should be noted that Withdrawals may either apply to individual uses or the whole product. Please refer to the relevant notice(s) for details.

Withdrawal notices are published below in chronological order according to date of issue.

Published Off-label Revocation Notices
MAFF/MAPP Number Product Name Date of Issue Expiry Date Notes/ New MAPP No
14368 Folio Gold 07/08/2015 07/08/2015 Withdrawal of use due to exceeded MRL
12639 Comet 200 31/03/2015 31/03/2015 Withdrawal of use now on-label
Various (see notice) Tebuconazole withdrawal notice 14/08/2014 14/08/14 Withdrawal of use on Chinese Cabbage.
16082 Fornet 4SC 18/02/2014 18/2/2014 Use not supported
15891 Fornet 6 OD 18/02/2014 18/02/2014 Use not supported
02322 Vydate 10G 24/09/2012 31/10/2012 Uses not supported (re-registration)
13436 Samson Extra 6% 20/07/2010 20/08/2010 Revocation of SOLA uses-now on-label

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