Understanding the Product Label

You must read and understand the label before you start to use the product.

The label is the main source of information on the safe and effective use of a product. The product label must always be supplied with the container. Additional information may also sometimes be supplied as a separate leaflet.

It is essential that all the information is read carefully and understood before a plant protection product (PPP) is used because it informs the user of the safe and proper use of the product.

Statutory conditions of use

It is an offence not to follow the statutory conditions of use of a PPP: these are detailed in the relevant notice of authorisation.

Details of authorisations are published on the Pesticides Register of GB/NI Authorised Products website.

Additionally, the product label must be consistent with the statutory conditions of use. There are special requirements for 'Extensions of Authorisation for Minor Use' and commodity substances. Statutory conditions of use will differ from product to product and use to use. They cover:

It is therefore important to read the label (together with any accompanying leaflet) carefully, if possible before purchase and certainly before use.

Other information on the label

The information on the label also includes:


Updated 2021-08-23