Operator exposure

This guidance outlines the requirements for the non-dietary exposure assessment of operators using plant protection products (PPP).

Operators are defined as people involved in activities related to the application of a PPP. These activities include mixing, loading, and application of PPP as well as cleaning and maintenance of equipment containing a PPP. Operators may be either professionals (for example farmers or contract applicators engaged in commercial crop production) or amateur users who are not considered to be trained in the use of pesticides (for example in home gardens or allotments).

Operator exposure to active substances and toxicologically relevant compounds in a PPP are assessed following Article 7.2.1 of European Commission Regulation Number (EC) 284/2013.

Assessing exposure to professional operators

All applications received by HSE must reflect the correct guidance and exposure models.

Assessing exposure to amateur operators

Additional guidance documents and exposure models to estimate amateur operator exposure are outlined in the sections below. All applications for home garden products received by HSE must reflect this guidance.

Further information regarding classified amateur products and personal protective equipment considerations can be found in the Toxicology section for Amateur Products.

Operator exposure guidance documents

The following guidance document addresses assessment of exposure to amateur operators:

Operator exposure guidance for amateur (home garden) pesticides

The following guidance document provides information on operator exposure considerations for pesticide containers:

Pesticide containers: guidance on operator exposure considerations

Operator exposure calculation models

The following exposure models are used to assess of exposure to amateur operators:

Amateur/home garden user exposure models (for space sprays, surface sprays and dustable powder applications)

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Updated 2024-04-26