The basics

These pages show you what you need to do to involve your employees and their representatives in health and safety, and how to do it smoothly and efficiently.

Worker involvement on health and safety is simply a two-way process where you and your employees:

  • talk to one another
  • listen to one another's concerns
  • raise concerns and solve problems together
  • seek and share views and information
  • discuss issues in good time
  • consider what everyone has to say
  • make decisions together

Business benefits

Talking to, listening to and involving your employees helps to:

  • make your workplace healthier and safer
  • improve performance
  • raise standards

Key words

The key words in worker involvement are:

  • trust
  • respect
  • co-operation
  • joint problem solving.

Worker involvement does not have to be complicated.

Prepare - Plan - Consult - Improve

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