There have been a number of studies into worker involvement. Both quantitative and qualitative research points in the same direction: involving workers in health and safety leads to healthier and safer workplaces and produces a range of benefits for workers and managers.

HSE has funded a number of research projects within the Olympic Delivery Authority's Learning Legacy programme. One report explores how leadership and worker involvement contributed to the low rates of accidents across the Park.

RoSPA report - Worker involvement in health and safety: what works?

This report presents the findings from open and honest discussion with a diverse range of businesses as well as detailed case studies. It offers the HSE valuable material to promote the benefits of worker involvement, which – as can be inferred from these stories – go much wider than health and safety.

Research reports

HSE Safe and sound at work – do your bit initiative

HSE, in association with a third party training provider, Premier Partnership, delivered two subsidised training courses as part of the "Safe and Sound at work – do your bit" initiative.

The original objectives for the training, which ran from April 2010 to March 2011, were to:

  • deliver Worker Involvement training to 2400 Representatives of Employee Safety (RoES) working in small to medium sized, non-unionised GB workplaces in the construction, manufacturing, motor vehicle repair and transport sectors across GB ; and,
  • deliver facilitated joint safety representative and first line manager workshops in 80 organisations across a variety of sectors in both unionised and non-unionised GB workplaces.

We are pleased to say the objectives were exceeded with over 2400 RoES taking part from over 800 non-unionised workplaces in the target sectors identified.

The joint training of safety representatives and their first line managers workshops trained both these groups together to help secure a more collaborative approach to health and safety. The initial target of delivery to a minimum of 80 organisations was exceeded. 206 workshops were delivered to 120 organisations. Single day workshops were the most popular, especially when framed around a specific risk or topic.

A full independent evaluation of the impact of the courses is available.

Visit the HSE 'do your bit' website for more information on the initiative. (links to the National Archives)

The Workers' Safety Adviser Challenge Fund

The Workers' Safety Adviser (WSA) Challenge Fund was launched on 26 March 2004 and closed in March 2007. The aim of the fund was to inspire organisations to collaborate on projects that encourage and promote employees and their employers to work together to drive improvements in managing health and safety. The scheme focuses on small businesses and organizations that lack such arrangements.

WSA Pilot Report

The Noise and Vibration Worker Involvement Project

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