Typical construction projects at events/productions

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Examples of how typical construction work at events/productions may be managed.

What you should know

CDM role holders may discharge their duties with the assistance of those who work under their control forming a part of their project team. To show how this might be achieved, we have included some worked examples:

  1. Building an outside broadcast at a sports ground
  2. Building a TV set in a studio
  3. Building a TV drama set on location
  4. A studio based, film set construction
  5. Touring theatre set build
  6. An exhibitor building a stand on a 'space only' plot at an exhibition
  7. Building a small stage and front of house shelter at a festival

Note: It is important to acknowledge that different duty holders work in different ways. The range of worked examples we have developing in collaboration with the industry attempt to reflect these differences, but they do not cover every situation or mirror every way of working. The examples should not be seen as prescriptive, as there is clearly more than one way to comply with the law and mange risks. 

For duty holders with different management arrangements, there should be enough information in the examples to help determine what they may need to do in the context of their work eg by following the principles of CDM role and function allocation, example preconstruction information and construction phase plan content. 

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Updated 2022-11-01