Worked example for building a stand on a 'space only' plot at an exhibition


As a part of an indoor exhibition, the Organiser lets a number of 'space only' plots out to Exhibitors. Each plot is treated as a separate construction project within the main site.

This worked example covers how one of these plots may be managed under CDM 2015.

The Exhibitor is the CDM Client for their own plot as they decide what to build and who will undertake the work. They appoint a Stand Build Contractor on a design and build basis. The Stand Build Contractor plans, manages, monitors and co-ordinates all the construction activity on the plot and so functions as the CDM Principal Designer/Principal Contractor for the project.

The Stand Build Contractor decides to subcontract aspects of the work to their usual subcontractors, who function as CDM Designers/Contractors.

The Exhibitor decides they want a 5m square stand, which is constructed of mixed materials with a truss box frame and custom built counter, plus a hanging banner.

Pre-construction information

The Exhibitor obtains pre-construction information from the Organiser who provides them with a build-up and breakdown timetable, plus an overall floor plan for the site. Arrangements for making the first point of electrical contact for the stand are also obtained from the Mains Electricity Contractor. The Exhibitor passes this information onto the Stand Build Contractor, who in turn shares it with their subcontractors.

Examples of the type of information required will include floor loadings, a maximum permissible stand height, loading arrangements and other information normally found in the Exhibitor manual.

Planning and design

The Stand Build Contractor's in-house design team take the Exhibitor's brief and design the stand, which the Exhibitor then approves.

Following approval the Stand Builder undertakes the final detailed design work and makes the wooden parts of the stand in their workshop. They source metal components from their preferred supplier. The Stand Builder's electrical subcontractor undertakes the electrical design work and installs the wiring in the prefabricated components. The components are then shipped to site for the first day of the build.

Build and strike

The PM and SM coordinate the work of the various CDM contractors during construction of the stage, FOH shelter and associated services eg site power, welfare etc. Proper cooperation and coordination helps to minimise confusion and conflict between those contractors carrying out concurrent or consecutive activities on the same structure.

All crew receive an appropriate briefing before starting work onsite.

The TDS contractor has two skilled operatives and a supervisor, who build the stage and FOH structures. The lighting company has three crew led by their lighting designer. They also provide rigging services for the stage. The PA Company has two crew led by their systems engineer.

The CB manages an additional local crew, who undertake direct works for the Festival Organiser and assist the stage, PA and lighting contractors.

After the festival, contractors return at a pre-arranged date to take down the structures, again following a safe system of work and agreed co-operation and co-ordination with others on-site.

The PM oversees the preparation of a construction phase plan (CPP) to cover the build and strike at the end of the festival.

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Updated 2022-11-01