Ride inspection

Why do I have to have my ride examined every year?

Fairground rides are pieces of work equipment. The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 require all work equipment to be regularly inspected. Fairground rides must therefore be checked to ensure they are safe in all aspects for carrying members of the public and this should be done at least once per year. 

Is a period of grace allowed when I can run my machine without an inspection, if I can't get it inspected before the current test expires?

No. It's up to you to ensure you book your ride inspector in good time and make sure there is no gap in your tests. You should not run your machine when it has not undergone its proper, regular test by a competent person.

Accident reporting

Do I have to report every accident that occurs on my ride?

No. There are rules about what has to be reported, and when and how this is done. These rules are different, depending upon whether the accident happens to yourself, one of your employees or a member of the public. If you're not sure about what should be reported, see: RIDDOR – Who must report an incident?

I've had an accident on a fairground ride. Can I report this to HSE?

Only certain types of accident should be reported to HSE and only an employer, the self-employed or the person in control of premises can do this. For details on what should be reported, see: RIDDOR – Who must report an incident?

If you are a member of the public and concerned about whether your accident has been reported, you should first try to find out whether the ride owner has done this. If they haven't, or you can't find out from them, you should make a complaint to HSE. To do this, see: Complaints about workplace health and safety.

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Updated 2024-02-09