Are you a Self-employed fairground ride operator

Information about what a self-employed person needs to do to ensure his machine can be set up, run and dismantled safely – and the steps required to make sure the health and safety of themselves and members of the public are not put at risk.

What you must do:

The law requires self-employed ride controllers to:

What you need to know:

Health and safety law applies equally to both self-employed people and employers.
Being self employed for tax purposes may not mean you are self employed for H&S law purposes.  Make sure you know your status and the status of those working with you.

Manage hazards and risk

There are a number of things you must do in order to manage the hazards and risks involved in running a fairground ride. Obviously, the greater the hazard, the greater the level of risk control there should be. You should therefore consider:

Operate your machine safely

You should be able to build up, operate and strip down your machine safely and without creating uncontrolled risks to the health and safety of yourself or to others. You should take the following into consideration:

Updated 2022-11-01