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Are you a member of the public

Information on what members of the public can expect from ride operators in ensuring rides are safe to use.

What you must do:

You must take reasonable care to ensure you don't put yourself at risk. Take note of any safety briefing or signs. Don't interfere with things such as safety bars and restraints that are there to protect you. Some rides will have height or weight restrictions and may require riders to have certain physical abilities; you should not try to get around them as these restrictions are in place to keep you out of danger.

Alcohol or drugs can affect people's ability to understand potential risks at fairgrounds. Try to avoid mixing these with a good time at the fair, as they can lead to problems for you and the ride operators.

Young children's lack of risk awareness can be a problem. HSE has published some advice on keeping children safe at the fair.

What you need to know:

Updated 2021-03-26