The Joint Advisory Committee for Entertainment (JACE)

JACE meets formally twice per year. It is chaired by HSE and its attendant membership is drawn mainly from industry trade bodies, trades unions, large event facilities and the major national broadcasting organisations. It has a broad membership and its agreed minutes show the Committee's discussions can cover a wide variety of topics across the entertainments industry. Membership is decided by JACE itself. There is also a facility for electronic membership, where interested parties can receive copies of minutes etc. There is occasional attendance by other bodies, generally by invitation to address the Committee.

The Committee has a number of aims:

  • to act as a conduit for consultation between HSE, Government, the EU and the industry
  • to act as a forum to consider problems in the industry, regarding existing or proposed health and safety legislation
  • to act as a route for raising industry concerns with Government, enforcing authorities, manufacturers, suppliers etc
  • to identify priorities for action, where members may require additional information, guidance or assistance
  • to consider guidance produced in other industries, where it may be relevant
  • to promote and improve health and safety standards within the industry
  • to monitor and review developments within the industry which may impact on health, safety and welfare at work
  • to identify relevant issues to promote risk awareness
  • to promote the existence of JACE to the wider industry and relevant bodies

JACE may occasionally convene 'task and finish' working groups to research particular areas or to produce guidance for one or other industry on behalf of the Committee or a particular industry sector. This is done at the discretion of JACE, as is the scope and membership of the working groups. Outside expertise / opinion may be sought if needed.

The Secretariat for JACE is provided by HSE. Further detail can be obtained from:

Entertainment and Leisure Sector
Health and Safety Executive
107 West Regent Street,
G2 2BA

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Updated 2022-11-01