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Health and safety bulletins

Recent health and safety bulletins

Date Topic Bulletin No Industry
08/2019 Safety notice to act as a reminder of the phenomenon of condensate induced water hammer STSU2 – 2019 Operators of major pressure systems involving steam, including the following: Chemical processing and production Electricity generation Engineering Food Packaging and processing Gas Metals and Minerals processing and production Manufacturing (general) Nuclear Offshore
08/2019 Use of ICAR Capacitors in uninterruptable power supply (UPS) systems CEMHD1 - 2019 All users of industrial uninterruptable power supply (UPS) systems including, but not limited to, the chemical industry, energy industry, offshore oil and gas production and other users of high capacity electrical capacitors in industrial equipment.
03/2019 Platform Lifts (vertical lifting platforms or lifts for people with impaired mobility). Risk of falls from height to employees/workers and members of the public. OPSD1-2019 Platform lift maintenance companies. Owners and operators of platform lifts in a range of sectors (e.g. health and social care, NHS Trusts, public buildings, schools etc)
02/2019 Change in Enforcement Expectations for Mild Steel Welding Fume STSU1 – 2019 All workers, employers, self-employed, contractors’ and any others who undertake welding activities, including mild steel, in any industry.
12/2018 High Temperature Hydrogen Attack: Safe use of carbon steel CEMHD 2 - 2018 Chemical processing and production, Manufacturing (general)
12/2018 Tower Crane, Slew Brakes and Release Mechanism Maintenance CON2 - 2018 Tower crane owners and users, maintenance personnel and thorough examiners, Construction, Engineering, Entertainment and Leisure, HID, Manufacturing, Nuclear, Off Shore
11/2018 BendPak two post vehicle lifts – safety issues relating to locking mechanisms FOD1-2018 All users of BendPak two-post vehicle lifts, Motor vehicle repair and associated industries, Suppliers
11/2018 Revision of Standards for Powered Doors, Gates & Barriers EPD1-2018 Architects/specifiers, designers, manufacturers, suppliers, and installers of powered doors, gates and barriers primarily for vehicular use, and those responsible for servicing and maintaining these products in workplaces, car parks and the common areas of shared premises, including residential
07/2018 Preventing unauthorised access onto scaffolding and other work platforms CON1 - 2018 Construction industry; scaffolding companies; scaffolding suppliers
07/2018 Personnel certification in non-destructive testing (PCN) scheme fraud CEMHD 1 - 2018 Oil and Gas (onshore / offshore), Chemical processing and production, Nuclear, Engineering, Manufacturing (general), others
03/2018 Cylinders manufactured from aluminium alloys HE30/AA6082 and AA6351 and used primarily for gases for underwater breathing apparatus ED1 - 2018 Various
10/2017 Siemens - Maxum II Edition Gas Chromatograph - Safety Features CEMHD 1 - 2017 Oil and gas, Chemicals
07/2017 Track Tensioning incident FOD2 - 2017 Various
04/2017 Catastrophic failure of silo – bolted conical bottom section  STSU1 - 2017 Various
01/2017 A-Belco Group, Hadar range of ATEX Lighting products FOD1 - 2017 ATEX

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