Health and safety bulletins

Safety alerts and notices

It is important to keep the right people up to date with failures in equipment, process, procedures and substances used in the workplace.

Safety alerts are for major faults that would result in a serious or fatal injury and where immediate remedial action is required.

Safety notices are usually issued to facilitate a change in procedure or it requires an action to be undertaken to improve the level of protection or instruction in a potentially dangerous situation. It must be acted upon within a reasonable time, if a time period is not stated. It is not as immediate as a safety alert.

Recent safety alerts and notices

Date Topic Bulletin No Industry
10/2021 Wheeled loading shovels EPD1 - 2021 Waste and recycling
09/2021 Lubrication of circuit breakers STSU2 - 2021 All duty-holders with responsibilities for operation and maintenance of High Voltage (HV) and Low Voltage (LV) circuit breakers (excluding LV MCCB’s and MCB’s)
05/2021 Catastrophic failure of marine loading arm CEMHD1-2021 Export and import of dangerous chemicals – Prior Informed Consent (PIC) Offshore oil and gas Ports and logistics
02/2021 Failure of a road tanker pressure/vacuum relief valve CEMHD2 – 2020 Export and Import of dangerous chemicals (PIC), Offshore oil and gas, Ports and logistics
09/2020 Failure to detect dangerous gas/vapour due to incorrect specification of sample tube CEMHD1 – 2020 Personnel specifying and selecting devices for measuring concentrations of flammable and toxic gases

Chemical processing and production
06/2020 Use of face masks designated KN95 STSU1 – 2020 All industry
05/2020 Air suspension systems on vehicles EPD1 - 2020 Those carrying out or responsible for work on vehicles with air suspension systems. This includes motor vehicle repair workshops, the roadside repair and recovery industry and customer sites where this work is undertaken
10/2019 Use of gas-fired oven cleaning equipment inside vehicles FOD1 - 2019 Suppliers, installers and users of gas-fired (LPG) oven cleaning equipment provided inside vehicles
08/2019 Safety notice to act as a reminder of the phenomenon of condensate induced water hammer STSU2 - 2019 Operators of major pressure systems involving steam, including the following: Chemical processing and production, Electricity generatfion, Engineering, Food Packaging and processing, Gas, Metals and Minerals processing and production, Manufacturing (general), Nuclear, Offshore
08/2019 Catastrophic rupture of dead-leg pipe-work CEMHD2 - 2019 Operators of Process Plant (and associated inspection bodies) which may have pipe-work dead-legs on toxic, flammable, dangerous to the environment or other critical services
08/2019 Use of ICAR Capacitors in uninterruptable power supply (UPS) systems CEMHD1 - 2019 All users of industrial uninterruptable power supply (UPS) systems including, but not limited to, the chemical industry, energy industry, offshore oil and gas production and other users of high capacity electrical capacitors in industrial equipment

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