Chemicals not covered by GB CLP

Most industrial chemicals are covered by the GB CLP Regulation. Some chemicals that have a more specialised job are covered by more specific legislation.

The GB CLP Regulation does NOT apply to the following chemicals:

  • radioactive substances and mixtures
  • substances and mixtures subject to customs supervision
  • non-isolated intermediaries
  • substances and mixtures for scientific research and development which are not placed on the market and are only used in controlled conditions
  • waste

The GB CLP Regulation does NOT apply to the following chemicals which are in the finished state intended for the final user:

  • medicines
  • medical devices
  • veterinary medicines
  • cosmetics
  • food
  • feeding stuffs (such as food additive; food flavouring; feeding stuffs used in animal nutrition)

Except where Article 33 applies, the GB CLP Regulation does not apply to the transport of dangerous goods by air, sea, road, rail or inland waterways. More information about how the GB CLP Regulation (supply) and transport labelling work together can be found in ECHA's guidance (see link below) and should still be used. These exemptions are not affected by the UK leaving the EU: CLP labelling and packaging

  • Source: European Chemicals Agency. ECHA accepts no responsibility and/or liability for any use made of the information, documents or data.

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Updated: 2023-12-11