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GHS/CLP Stakeholder Group

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In 2007, HSE invited interested stakeholders to help consider the proposed CLP Regulation to inform and develop the UK’s negotiating position. The result was a group which represented a wide range of parties interested in chemical classification and labelling from manufacturers and importers to downstream users and end users.

The productive work done at this time prompted HSE to continue to seek the views of these stakeholders and to expand the network. The GHS Stakeholder Group was subsequently established.

To begin with, the Group focused on proposed changes to the GHS classification criteria helping HSE to develop positions for the formal UN GHS meetings (UN Sub-Committee of Experts on GHS – UNSCEGHS). Changes to GHS will be incorporated into the CLP Regulation so this level of early involvement and influence is important and could be beneficial to the UK/EU market/interests.


More recently, the Group has started been invited to help HSE develop impact assessments for proposed changes, as well as being invited to respond to ECHA’s public consultations on proposed CLHs.

The GHS Stakeholder Group meets twice a year (June and November) immediately prior to the meetings of the UN Sub-Committee of Experts on GHS (UNSCEGHS) held in Geneva in July and December each year.

The Group is invited to comment on all the issues tabled for the UNSCEGHS meetings, either in formal working papers or information papers. All UN papers are fully open to encourage transparency in how the GHS is to be developed.

Documents can be viewed here:

The GHS Stakeholder Group has proved to be very successful and a considerable asset to HSE in developing responses to proposals for chemical classification and labelling.

How to join the Group

HSE is keen to welcome new members. If you would like to join the Group, please let us know. While the discussions tend to focus on the more technical aspects of classification, all with an interest in classification and labelling are welcome.

Contact: [email protected]

Updated: 2013-07-25