Packaging, child resistant closures, and tactile warning devices

The requirements for packaging used for hazardous chemical products are straightforward. In short, the packaging should:

  • prevent escape of the chemical
  • not be adversely affected by the chemical
  • be strong enough to withstand normal handling

In addition, if the packaging has a replaceable closure this must continue to prevent escape even after repeated use.

The packaging for some chemicals must not have a shape or designation likely to attract the active curiosity of children or mislead consumers. This applies regardless of whether the packaging is re-closeable or not.

Child resistant closures and tactile warning devices

'Child resistant' closures/fastenings and/or 'tactile warnings' (raised-profile warnings that can be understood by those with impaired vision) are also required in some cases.

The requirements to include such elements as part of packaging are triggered by either classification under a certain hazard class/category, or by certain substances at specified concentrations. The details appear in Annex II of the GB CLP Regulation.

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Updated: 2022-02-11