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Poison centres

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The CLP Regulation places a duty on Member State governments to appoint a body to be responsible for receiving information about the ingredients of chemical products that are placed on the market. This information can be accessed by medical professionals in cases of a health emergency following harmful exposure to those chemicals.

These appointed bodies are often known as Poison Centres.

In the UK this obligation is met by the National Poison Information Service (NPIS). NPIS has four regional offices located in Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Newcastle.

NPIS provides toxicological information for medical professionals to ensure that the right treatment is given to the patient as quickly as possible in incidents of excessive, inappropriate or harmful exposure through any route (inhalation, ingestion etc).

NPIS do not receive calls from the general public.

In case of a medical emergency following exposure to a chemical, the public should call NHS Direct in England or Wales 0845 46 47 or NHS 24 in Scotland  08454 24 24 24 (UK only).

Updated: 2020-07-31