Making technical amendments to the GB CLP Regulation

To ensure continued protection to human health and the environment, it is necessary to routinely amend the GB CLP Regulation to take account of scientific knowledge about chemicals and technical developments affecting classification, labelling and packaging.

Two methods of updating the GB CLP Regulation are in place:

  • future new and revised GB mandatory classification and labelling will be determined by scientific experts in HSE (and in EA for environmental hazard classification and labelling). HSE will prepare an 'Agency Opinion' on proposed new and revised GB mandatory classification and labelling. This Opinion will form the basis of a recommendation to ministers who will make the final decision and give legal effect to any new and revised GB MCLs. Any ministerial decision is subject to the consent of the devolved administrations. More information about updating GB MCL can be found on the GB MCL webpages
  • all other amendments to the GB CLP Regulation will be made using secondary legislation (known as statutory instruments or regulations). These include amendments to the classification criteria (expected every two years from the GHS biennial programme of work), certain Articles in the GB CLP Regulation, and any of the technical annexes (note: excluding Annex VIII which is not retained in GB)

The second method - the process of updating and amending the technical sections of the GB CLP Regulation using secondary legislation (regulations) can include introducing new classification hazard classes, adopting new test methodologies or strengthening the labelling packaging requirements for certain hazardous mixtures, such as those for laundry detergent capsules or pods.

All secondary legislation will be subject to the agreement of Parliament before the regulations can enter into force. The process for secondary legislation can be found on Parliament's website. Amending regulations are expected to follow the negative procedure.

All updates and changes are published on HSE's website. Public consultations are advertised using the HSE's GB CLP e-Bulletin (you are encouraged to sign-up if you have not already done so).

Northern Ireland will be subject to changes made to the EU CLP Regulation.

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Updated: 2022-02-11