How do I prevent skin problems in my business?

Does this concern me?

Yes, particularly if you work in one of these high-risk occupations.

I don't work in one of these areas. Should it still concern me?

You could still have a problem. Find out what your workers are in contact with at work:

If their work does involve skin contact like this you can take simple steps to reduce the risk and prevent skin problems.

What should I do about it?

Use the APC approach.

Further advice is available on health surveillance for skin diseases.

Your staff need to know about the simple steps. Further information and tools for you to inform and train workers are available in the training and information resources pages.

Finally, check regularly that all these actions are carried out in practice.

Individuals who suspect they may have a skin problem should visit their General Practitioner for advice and treatment if needed. The NHS also has useful information and advice on dermatitis, urticaria and skin cancer.

Updated 2021-05-04