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Examples of skin irritants and sensitisers, together with occupations where they occur

Example occupations Examples of irritants
General manufacturing, Healthcare Alcohols
General manufacturing, Engineering Degreasers
Engineering Cutting oils & coolants
Food, Cleaning, Beauty, Healthcare Disinfectants
MVR, Petrochemical Industry, Chemical Production Petroleum products
Food, Cleaning, Beauty, Healthcare Soaps & cleaning products
Food, Cleaning, Beauty, Healthcare Wetwork
Example occupations Examples of sensitisers
Engineering, Manufacture of hard metal, Foundries Cobalt
Plating, Engineering Chromium & chromates
Hair & Beauty, Product manufacture Cosmetics & fragrances
Construction Epoxy resins
Plating, Hair & Beauty, Engineering Nickel
Florists, Horticulture, Agriculture Plants
Product manufacture Preservatives
Construction, Healthcare Resins & Acrylates
Updated 2014-09-02