FAQs - hairdressing

What gloves should I use?

You should use disposable, smooth, non-latex gloves that fit the hand snugly. A snug fit means they will be more comfortable, won't wrinkle and so won't snag hair. Choose a longer-length glove so that it protects your wrists from splashes from water and products. The longer length also allows you to fold down the cuff to prevent water and products running down the inside of the glove. Avoid latex gloves as latex can cause skin reactions and powdered gloves can cause asthma – it is possible that a number of your clients could be allergic to latex. Nitrile or vinyl gloves would be suitable alternatives to latex.

If I'm wearing gloves how can I feel the water temperature?

Disposable vinyl or nitrile gloves are lightweight. If they fit your hands reasonably well, they will allow you to feel the temperature as you mix water from hot and cold taps before washing or rinsing the client's hair.

Will using gloves put off customers?

When they know why you are wearing them, people understand the importance of using gloves and will respect their use.

Won't gloves be expensive and harm my business?

A pair of disposable nitrile or vinyl gloves can cost pennies, a very small proportion of the cost for any haircut/hair treatment.

I don't get dermatitis, but I do get dry, cracked skin, particularly in winter – don't I just have to put up with it?

No. As a hairdresser, you are more prone to developing dry, cracked skin – it can be an early sign of dermatitis. Dryness and cracking means that your skin is not sufficiently hydrated and is vulnerable to further damage because its barrier properties are reduced. Make sure that you moisturise as often as you can and check your skin regularly.

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Updated 2021-05-04