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I have to wear gloves all day, which can damage my skin, so what can I do to avoid dermatitis?

Take a break from wearing your gloves – change single-use medical gloves after every patient. Make sure that they fit properly and are powder-free. If you must use latex gloves, then they should be low-protein and powder-free. Wash your hands after taking off your gloves to remove any chemical contamination.

I have to clean my hands a lot – how do I protect my skin?

Use cool/tepid water when washing, to keep hand temperature down. Use hand-wash agents sparingly and rinse hands thoroughly to remove all traces of hand wash. Dry your skin thoroughly with soft paper or cotton towels – pat skin dry, rather than rubbing it. Regularly use emollient hand creams to help prevent the skin from drying, particularly after every clinical session.

How can I avoid contact with cleaning chemicals?

Think about how you can put some distance between you and the chemicals – use a mop with a handle, rather than a cloth for cleaning floors and surfaces; use the mildest cleaning chemicals that will do the job, rather than more irritant cleaning chemicals; avoid concentrates and instead use dosing systems such as single-use sachets.

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Updated 2021-05-04