How does skin come into contact with chemicals?

Hand dipping object in chemical
Immersing hands (sometimes legs) into chemicals
Person handling object on machine
Direct handling of contaminated workpieces
person pouring chemical into large container
Splashing (eg when liquid or powdery chemicals are mixed or handled)
Person wearing boilersuit covered with dust and dust in the air
Contact with contaminated surfaces (eg workbench, tools, clothing and containers
Person surrounded by dust in the air
In deposits in the air (eg cement dust
Hands being washed
Wet work (eg frequent hand washing)

Note on wet work

Prolonged or frequent contact with water, particularly in combination with soaps and detergents, can cause dermatitis (eg a long time spent washing up or frequent handwashing). 'Wet work' is the term used to describe such tasks in the workplace.

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Updated 2021-05-04