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Hands with red scaly patches
Dermatitis showing reddening of skin
Extremely swollen red hands with areas of peeling skin
Dermatitis showing swelling
Hands showing crusting, thickening and splitting of skin
Dermatitis showing crusting and thickening of skin
Hands with dry skin, red patches and splits
Allergic contact dermatitis on hairdresser's hands
Dark skined hands with light patches
Hands with dry red scaly patches
Irritant contact dermatitis from excessive hand washing
Fingers with dry, irritated skin with splits
Allergic contact dermatitis from garlic
Red, split, infected lesion between fingers
Secondarily infected irritant dermatitis
Skin with raised red patches
Hands with thickened, peeling and split skin
Allergic contact dermatitis, first year hairdresser
Hand with redness and white raised patches
Contact urticaria from latex gloves
Legs with severe brown lesions from mid-calf to feet
Cement burns on legs
Knee with severe large white, pussy, infected lesion surrounded by redness
'Pizza knee' from a cement burn
Leg with several red lesions
Allergic contact dermatitis of the leg

Preventative measures / good control

Hands being dried with paper towel
Dry hands thoroughly
Sinks with abrasive pads
Don't use abrasive pads to scrub hands
Gloves left in sink with chemicals
Clean, dry and store gloves away from chemicals
Person checking someone's hands
Check hands regularly

Damage mechanisms

Skin cross section
Cross section of epidermis, bricks and mortar concept
Skin reaction mechanism to allergen with insert photo of hives
Type I reaction mechanism
Sensitisation and reaction mechanism
Type IV reaction mechanism


  1. Image reproduced with permission of Danderm
  2. Image reproduced with permission of Global Skin Atlas

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Updated 2021-05-06