Photographic chemicals

Case study: Stuart/Derek/Barry

Sector : Photographic chemicals

Condition: Allergic contact dermatitis

Stuart, Derek and Barry worked as engineers for an international photographic company. They were all exposed to hazardous chemicals over a four-year period. This caused them to develop the disease called 'allergic contact dermatitis'.

Stuart suffered for years from his hands blistering, cracking, splitting and weeping due to the allergic dermatitis. Barry's fingers and hands became so badly swollen and blistered that he could not do up his shirt buttons without his fingers splitting open. 

Barry was eventually diagnosed with occupational dermatitis, and his doctor notified his employer. 

The company was prosecuted for health and safety offences, especially the company's management and control of exposure to chemicals. Since the prosecution the company has completely redrafted its risk assessments with the help of experts.

Barry has since been recruited as an internal national trainer and health and safety officer for the company. He now shares his story and experiences with colleagues in the hope that they will never suffer the way he has.

He knows better than anyone what should and shouldn't be done, so his knowledge and personal experiences will help him to advise and support his work colleagues and raise their awareness of work-related contact dermatitis.

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Updated 2021-05-04