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Can I use a barrier cream instead of gloves?

No. There are no true 'barrier' creams – chemicals will always work their way through to the skin. However, pre-work creams can play a role in an overall skin care programme.   They will help remove dirt during washing, so milder cleansing agents can be used.

How do I choose the right gloves to use?

Choosing the right gloves is important, to make sure that you are properly protected. The gloves need to be right for you, for the task and for the substances you are protecting yourself from.

If you work in one of the industries listed on the home page, check your industry pages for any specific advice on gloves or ask your glove supplier for help and advice.

Advice on gloves selection

Isn't it too dangerous to wear gloves when I am working with moving machinery?

As long as you use the following good practice, there is no problem wearing gloves when working with moving machinery:

  • do not put hands (whether gloved or ungloved) near unguarded, moving machinery;
  • choose gloves that are a snug fit, so that there are no wrinkles or folds that can get caught up in moving parts;
  • choose a glove material that will tear easily so that if it does get caught, the glove will rip rather than drag into the machinery.

How do I check for dermatitis?

Checking your skin regularly is easy and can help to catch dermatitis early, which can make it easier to treat. Our poster will help you to recognise the early signs of dermatitis.

I think I have dermatitis, what should I do?

If you believe that you have dermatitis that is either caused by or made worse by your work, go and see your GP or if available, your occupational health service . Tell him or her what you do at work and that you think this might be causing the problem. Also talk to your employer about your concerns. If your dermatitis is confirmed and is work related, your employer needs to make sure that you can work in a way that protects your health. You should co-operate with your employer as best you can.

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Updated 2021-05-04