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Recent safety alerts
Date Topic Bulletin No Industry
02/2022 Maintenance of industrial uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems CEMHD1 – 2022 Industrial UPS systems
01/2022 Offshore cranes ED 01 – 2021 Offshore oil and gas
10/2021 Wheeled loading shovels EPD1 - 2021 Waste and recycling
09/2021 Lubrication of circuit breakers STSU2 - 2021 All duty-holders with responsibilities for operation and maintenance of High Voltage (HV) and Low Voltage (LV) circuit breakers (excluding LV MCCB’s and MCB’s)
05/2021 Catastrophic failure of marine loading arm CEMHD1-2021 Export and import of dangerous chemicals – Prior Informed Consent (PIC) Offshore oil and gas Ports and logistics
02/2021 Failure of a road tanker pressure/vacuum relief valve CEMHD2 – 2020 Export and Import of dangerous chemicals (PIC), Offshore oil and gas, Ports and logistics
09/2020 Failure to detect dangerous gas/vapour due to incorrect specification of sample tube CEMHD1 – 2020 Personnel specifying and selecting devices for measuring concentrations of flammable and toxic gases

Chemical processing and production
06/2020 Use of face masks designated KN95 STSU1 – 2020 All industry
05/2020 Air suspension systems on vehicles EPD1 - 2020 Those carrying out or responsible for work on vehicles with air suspension systems. This includes motor vehicle repair workshops, the roadside repair and recovery industry and customer sites where this work is undertaken.
10/2019 Use of gas-fired oven cleaning equipment inside vehicles FOD1 - 2019 Suppliers, installers and users of gas-fired (LPG) oven cleaning equipment provided inside vehicles.
08/2019 Catastrophic rupture of dead-leg pipe-work CEMHD2 – 2019 Operators of Process Plant (and associated inspection bodies) which may have pipe-work dead-legs on toxic, flammable, dangerous to the environment or other critical services.
08/2019 Safety notice to act as a reminder of the phenomenon of condensate induced water hammer STSU2 – 2019 Operators of major pressure systems involving steam, including the following: Chemical processing and production Electricity generation Engineering Food Packaging and processing Gas Metals and Minerals processing and production Manufacturing (general) Nuclear Offshore
08/2019 Use of ICAR Capacitors in uninterruptable power supply (UPS) systems CEMHD1 - 2019 All users of industrial uninterruptable power supply (UPS) systems including, but not limited to, the chemical industry, energy industry, offshore oil and gas production and other users of high capacity electrical capacitors in industrial equipment.
03/2019 Platform Lifts (vertical lifting platforms or lifts for people with impaired mobility). Risk of falls from height to employees/workers and members of the public. OPSD1-2019 Platform lift maintenance companies. Owners and operators of platform lifts in a range of sectors (eg health and social care, NHS Trusts, public buildings, schools etc)
02/2019 Change in Enforcement Expectations for Mild Steel Welding Fume STSU1 – 2019 All workers, employers, self-employed, contractors' and any others who undertake welding activities, including mild steel, in any industry.
12/2018 High Temperature Hydrogen Attack: Safe use of carbon steel CEMHD 2 - 2018 Chemical processing and production, Manufacturing (general)
12/2018 Tower Crane, Slew Brakes and Release Mechanism Maintenance CON2 - 2018 Tower crane owners and users, maintenance personnel and thorough examiners, Construction, Engineering, Entertainment and Leisure, HID, Manufacturing, Nuclear, Off Shore
11/2018 BendPak two post vehicle lifts – safety issues relating to locking mechanisms FOD1-2018 All users of BendPak two-post vehicle lifts, Motor vehicle repair and associated industries, Suppliers
11/2018 Revision of Standards for Powered Doors, Gates & Barriers EPD1-2018 Architects/specifiers, designers, manufacturers, suppliers, and installers of powered doors, gates and barriers primarily for vehicular use, and those responsible for servicing and maintaining these products in workplaces, car parks and the common areas of shared premises, including residential
07/2018 Preventing unauthorised access onto scaffolding and other work platforms CON1 - 2018 Construction industry; scaffolding companies; scaffolding suppliers
07/2018 Personnel certification in non-destructive testing (PCN) scheme fraud CEMHD 1 - 2018 Oil and Gas (onshore / offshore), Chemical processing and production, Nuclear, Engineering, Manufacturing (general), others
03/2018 Cylinders manufactured from aluminium alloys HE30/AA6082 and AA6351 and used primarily for gases for underwater breathing apparatus ED1 - 2018 Various
10/2017 Siemens - Maxum II Edition Gas Chromatograph - Safety Features CEMHD 1 - 2017 Oil and gas, Chemicals
07/2017 Track Tensioning incident FOD2 - 2017 Various
04/2017 Catastrophic failure of silo – bolted conical bottom section  STSU1 - 2017 Various
01/2017 A-Belco Group, Hadar range of ATEX Lighting products FOD1 - 2017 ATEX
12/2016 Some Ergonomic Issues of DP Vessel Controls ED3 - 2016 Offshore
12/2016 Certain Types of Pool Hall Lighting Systems on Runners STSU 1 - 2016 Entertainment and Leisure
11/2016 Electrolytic Chlorination Units (Electrolysis) in Marine Ballast Treatment Systems ED 2 - 2016 Offshore
11/2016 Offshore Crane Safety Systems ED 1 - 2016 Offshore
02/2016 Use of Barrier Glands in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres to meet IEC 60079:14_2013 (Edition 5) HID 1-2016 Chemical Processing and Production
Engineering, Warehousing,
09/2015 Catastrophic failure of a pipework clamp connector ED 2-2015 Offshore
Chemical Processing and Production
08/2015 'Norfolk Range' large wheeled dry powder fire extinguishers manufactured before 2009 by UK Fire International Ltd HID 1-2015 Chemical industry, Offshore industry, Merchant shipping, Nuclear industry, Manufacturing, Mining, Warehousing, Engineering, Metals and minerals processing and production.
07/2015 Extendable Scaffolding Loading Bay Gate - use of cable ties to secure loose mesh and unsafe means of operation FOD 2-2015 Construction sector
05/2015 Earth Moving Machinery – changes to visibility requirements FOD 1-2015 Construction sector
04/2015 External chloride stress corrosion cracking of stainless steel lokring pipe connectors ED 1-2015 Offshore
Chemical Processing and Production
12/2014 Change in classification for detonation cord HID 5-2014 Offshore
10/2014 Tower crane slew brakes FOD 5-2014 Crane owners and users, Construction, Engineering,
Entertainment & Leisure, HID,
Manufacturing, Nuclear, Offshore
09/2014 Hydraulic injection injury FOD 4-2014 Hydraulics engineers, Construction,
Quarrying and tunnelling, Engineering,
Maintenance and Service personnel
07/2014 Preventing entrapment in plastics rotational moulding ovens where there is whole body access OPSTD 1-2014 Manufacturing (General)
Plastics industry - Rotational Moulders
07/2014 Storage tank external floating roof: the importance of inspection and maintenance to retain buoyancy of the roof structure HID 3-2014 All operators of external floating roof
tanks storing hazardous substances.
05/2014 Devices used to reduce operator entrapment and crushing on mobile elevating work platforms FOD 3-2014 Mobile Elevating Work Platform manufacturers, owners (hire companies),
users and operators, Agriculture, Construction, Engineering,
Entertainment and leisure,
Manufacturing (general), Others.
02/2014 Liquid metal embrittlement by mercury in the refining and allied process industries HID 2-2014 Refining,
Petrochemical and allied industries.
02/2014 Preventing catastrophic failure of luffing jib tower cranes in high winds FOD 2-2014 Tower crane owners and users,
Construction, Engineering,
Entertainment and Leisure, HID, Manufacturing, Nuclear, Offshore
03/2014 Genie Z135/70 Mobile elevated work platform (MEWP) FOD 1-2014 Rev 1 Agriculture, Construction, Engineering, Entertainment and Leisure,
Manufacturing (general), Others
01/2014 Failure of a foot valve actuator on an LPG road tanker HID 1-2014 All refining, petrochemical and allied
industries using valve actuators in safety
critical duties on liquefied gas vessels
and road tankers. Includes COMAH,
Carriage of dangerous goods,
other industries storing and transporting substances.
11/2013 Sizing of latex neck seals used with diving equipment HID 3-2013 Diving
11/2013 Use of chain flail/non standard cutting attachments on brush cutters OPSTD 1-2013
  1. Suppliers and users of portable
    hand held brush cutters in
    arboriculture and the agriculture
    and construction industries
  2. Relevant trade associations
10/2013 Chloride induced stress corrosion cracking of stainless steel thermowells HID 2-2013 All operators of major accident
hazard plant
10/2013 Corrosion in trunnion supports of pipework containing hazardous substances HID 1-2013 All operators of major accident
hazard plant
07/2013 Electrical safety - inflatable blower fans FOD 3-2013 Entertainment and Leisure industries,
Inflatable equipment industries and
service Inspectors/personnel, Schools and education, Catering and Hospitality
Construction, engineering, demolition,
lift industry and CDM duty holders
04/2013 Risks to occupiers from the installation of modular, stone and artificial stone fireplace surround FOD 2-2013 Construction and retail
01/2013 Warning to offshore industry on blocking of data communications in dynamic positioning systems OSD 1-2013 Suppliers of dynamic positioning (DP) systems, operators of offshore
installations, marine classification
societies, verification bodies and marine consultancies - Offshore oil and gas,
Diving, Offshore, Others marine.
11/2012 Risk of carbon monoxide release during the storage of wood pellets OPSTD 3-2012
  1. Users/installers/maintainers/
    distributors of wood pellet boilers
  2. Manufacturers/storers/
    distributors of wood pellets
10/2012 Warning to offshore industry on possible failure of fire resistant composite deck gratings HID 2-2012 Offshore industries
09/2012 Management of the risks from legionella within water systems HID 1-2012 Any employer who uses water systems including hot and cold water systems and spa pools where a reasonably foreseeable risk from legionella may exist.
07/2012 Management of the risks from legionella in cooling towers and evaporative condensers SID 2-2012 Any industry sector which uses cooling towers or evaporative condensers
07/2012 Hooped ladders and the use of personal fall-arrest systems CCID 1-2012 Any industry sector which uses hooped (aka caged) ladders
03/2012 Vertical lifting platforms or lifts for people with impaired mobility OPSTD 2-2012 Health and social care providers, NHS Trusts / Boards, hospitals, public buildings, schools, care homes, other Catering and Hospitality, Schools and education, Entertainment and Leisure, Retail, Services, Transport
06/2012 Risk of MSA SavOx units catching fire if the wearer does not follow start up procedures SID 1-2012 Mines, Construction, Utilities and Docks
03/2012 Risks to vulnerable members of the public from falling from height from windows OPSTD 1-2012 Health and social care providers, NHS Trusts / Boards, hospitals, public buildings, schools, care homes, other care settings
12/2011 Provision of key clinical information on laboratory specimen request forms HID 5-2011 Health Services (Health & Social Care Sector). The Notice is of particular relevance to medical staff within organisations that provide specimens from patients to laboratories for testing.
12/2011 Use of mobile phone "Expert XP-Ex-1" in potentially explosive atmospheres OPSTD 4-2011 Suppliers and users of mobile phone "Expert XP-Ex-1" from Intrinsic Safety specialists, Netherlands. Those controlling sites with potentially explosive atmospheres.
11/2011 Mobile crushing plant - unintended movement of tracks FOD 4-2011 Quarries, Mining, Construction, Demolition, Waste and Recycling and Others.
09/2011 Preventing inrushes at underground mines HID 4-2011 Mining
08/2011 HSE issues gas detector safety alert HID 3-2011 Offshore, Gas and Mining Industries & users of Status Scientific portable gas detector type 'Mentor PGD2'
06/2011 HSE warns of dangers of diving for shellfish following two recent tragedies HID 1-2011 Diving
05/2011 Risks to users from firewood processing machines OPSTD 2-2011 Users, manufacturers and suppliers of firewood processing machinery, arboriculture, forestry, agriculture.
02/2011 Jacking of flat bottomed storage tanks HID 2-2011 Chemical processing and production, Chemicals and downstream oil industries, Construction, Engineering, Warehousing and storage
01/2011 Powered perimeter gates OPSTD 1-2011 Landlord, Commercial owner or facilities manager of property with Powered Perimeter Gates
01/2011 Overturns of JLG 500RTS scissor lifts FOD 1-2011 Owners and operators of JLG 500RTS and 400RTS scissor lifts. Leasing companies; service and maintenance engineers; Construction Industry; competent persons and Inspection Bodies who work with JLG 500RTS and 400RTS scissor lifts and other Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs).
12/2010 Waterlogic water dispensers with a UV system or WL 3000 Cold only model OSD 7-2010 Offshore industry and all users of Waterlogic water dispensers
12/2010 Gas boilers - flues in voids OPSTD 10-2010 Homeowners & tenants of properties with a gas boiler, Landlords (private and social), Managing Agents, Gas industry (Gas Safe registered businesses/engineers; gas appliance manufacturers; gas emergency service providers), Construction (home builders), Services, Local Authorities (Housing).
11/2010 'False' engagement of tipping hooks on 'builders' skips OPSTD 9-2010 Construction; Manufacturing - general; Transport - Road; Other - Waste and recycling industry, skip hire: site operators, managers and drivers
11/2010 Deadly explosions during cutting of drums and containers FOD 8-2010 Engineering, Motor Vehicle Repair, Manufacturing, Agriculture
11/2010 Deterioration and failure of cold / frozen food store ceilings CON 4-2010 Manufacture/Storage/retail/frozen foods, Construction, Environmental Health Departments
09/2010 Risks to pedestrians from crushing zones on electrically powered gates - 2 FOD 7-2010 Services, Construction, Manufacturing (general)
08/2010 The dropping of a 9.5 tonne load on an offshore installation as a result of the incorrect manufacture of a 15 tonne Flemish eye crane pennant OSD 6-2010 Offshore oil and gas industry, wire rope sling manufacturers
07/2010 Avoiding trapping/crushing injuries to people in the platform of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) FOD 6-2010 Construction, Agriculture, Catering and Hospitality, Ceramics, Chemical processing and production, Engineering, Entertainment and Leisure, Food Packaging and processing, Metals and Minerals processing and production, Manufacturing (general), Retail, Services, Transport (Rail, Road, Air), Warehousing
07/2010 Risks associated with working on or near lamp columns with non-standard roots during excavation works FOD 5-2010 Construction, Gas, Services, Local Authorities and Utilities
07/2010 Fatality caused by stacked boards collapse OPSTD 8-2010 Woodworking and Forestry, Manufacturing (General), Construction, Schools and education, Retail, Warehousing, Local Authority
06/2010 Safety Alert to operators of "COMAH" oil/fuel storage sites & other storing hazardous substances in large tanks HID 6-2010 Chemical and petrochemical processing; Storage and distribution.
06/2010 Manitowoc Cranes, Potain Tower Cranes - MD, MDT and MR series - Potentially faulty spigots on K600 and K800 mast sections FOD 4-2010 Construction, Engineering, Metals and Minerals processing and production, Manufacturing (general), Offshore, Nuclear, Ports, Ceramics, Chemical processing and production, Entertainment and Leisure.
05/2010 Hydrocarbon leak and fire caused by incorrect seal material used in the assembly of a pipe work clamp connector HID 5-2010-2 Offshore oil and gas production industry, Chemical processing and production
05/2010 Assessment of the adequacy of venting arrangements for cargo oil tanks on FPSO and FSU installations OSD 5-2010 Offshore Industry
05/2010 Rollover risk associated with the use of road vehicles in off-road applications in quarries OPSTD MS 4-2010 Quarry Industry
05/2010 Stress corrosion cracking of beverage mixed gas cylinders HID 4-2010 Food and drink manufacture
04/2010 Failure of pipeline emergency shut-down valve HID 3-2010 Offshore Industry
03/2010 The back-loading and carriage of hazardous oil contaminated bulk cargo on offshore supply vessels OSD 3-2010 Offshore Industry
03/2010 Death prompts telehandler warning FOD SPG 3-2010 Agriculture, Construction, Quarries, Food, Manufacturing, Wood, Waste
02/2010 Scissor lift failure in motor vehicle repair facility OPSTD MS 2-2010 Motor Vehicle Repair (MVR), Manufacturing (general); Engineering; Transport (road)
02/2010 Risks to pedestrians from crushing zones on electrically powered gates FOD WSW 1-2010 Gate manufacturers and installers, construction and estates and/or facilities management companies
02/2010 Handling and storage of large sheet stone slabs OPSTD MS 3-2010 Stonemasons, Quarries, Construction sites, Wholesalers and Road Hauliers
02/2010 Risks to Service users known to self-hoist and transfer using ceiling track hoists FOD WSW 2-2010 Services & Health Services
10/2009 Laptop computer charging trolleys - Electrical safety
09/2009 Failure of scissor lift - Construction
08/2009 Road surface top cutting machines - Construction
04/2009 Skid-steer loader - Waste & Recycling
03/2009 Molten metal explosion - Engineering
01/2009 Explosion protected heaters - HID/OSD
05/2008 Hand-fed platen machine - Printing

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