HSE issues gas detector safety alert

Health and Safety Executive - Safety alert

Department Name:
Hazardous Installations Directorate - Offshore Division

Bulletin No:
HID 3-2011

Issue Date:
23 August 2011

Target Audience:
, Gas and Mining Industries & users of Status Scientific portable gas detector type 'Mentor PGD2'

Key Issues:
This alert is to warn workers using a Status Mentor PGD2 gas detector that some of them may be giving false readings due to software configuration. None of these gas detector should be used until its software and configuration has been verified.


This Safety Notice is being issued as a result of investigations by the Health and Safety Executive into the Status Scientific Controls portable gas detector type Mentor PGD2. This instrument is intended to be used for the protection of personnel entering or working in an environment where there is a possibility of flammable or toxic gas being present.


Tests by the Health & Safety Laboratory (HSL) on behalf of HSE and discussions with Status Scientific, the manufacturer, have determined that the low battery voltage cut-off setting may be incorrect in some instruments having an older version of software.

This older software may allow the instrument to continue to remain active when there is insufficient power for it to work accurately. In this case the indicated measurement may be below the actual gas concentration in the sampled atmosphere and the alarm may not be activated when the actual gas concentration reaches the alarm set-point.

Action required:

No Status Mentor PGD2 gas meter should be used until it has been verified that the correct software version is installed and that the low battery alarm point is correctly configured in accordance with the instructions provided on the Status Scientific Controls website.

Further information:

Status Scientific Controls,
Hermitage Lane Industrial Estate,
Kings Mill Way,
NG18 5ER

Tel: 01623 651381

General note:

Please pass this information to a colleague who may have this Product/ Equipment or operate this type of system/process.

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