Use of Mobile Phone "Expert XP-Ex-1" in potentially explosive atmospheres

Health and Safety Executive - Safety alert

Department Name:
Operational Strategy Division - Safety Unit

Bulletin No:
OPSTD 4-2011

Issue Date:
9 December 2011

Target Audience:
Suppliers and users of mobile phone "Expert XP-Ex-1" from Intrinsic Safety specialists, Netherlands. Those controlling sites with potentially explosive atmospheres.

Key Issues:
The European Commission (DG Enterprise and Industry) requires Member States to prohibit the placing on the market and withdrawal from the market of mobile phone "Expert XP-Ex-1" manufactured by Intrinsic Safety specialists, Netherlands. This mobile phone does not meet the essential safety requirements for equipment of Category 2: it can produce hazardous sparks in case of faults and therefore does not meet the requirements of the intrinsic safety protection mode as required.


A serious risk has been identified by an EU member state where use of the mobile phone "Expert XP-Ex-1" in potentially explosive atmospheres could lead to possible ignition danger. The mobile phone in question is manufactured by "Experts Intrinsic Safety Specialists, Groningsewet 7, 2994 LC Barendrecht, Netherlands".

Following safeguard action approved by the EC under the ATEX Directive (Directive 94/9/EC) in respect of a mobile phone "Expert XP-Ex-1", the Commission considers that this mobile phone fails to comply with the essential health and safety requirements referred to in Article 3 of the Directive 94/9/EC and set out in Annex 2.

The European Commission has now required Member States to prohibit the placing on the market of mobile phone "Expert XP-Ex-1" as compliant with the ATEX Directive. The official text of the Commission Decision can be found in the official journal, number L 297/66, page 2 (

This mobile phone must not be used where products complying with the Equipment and Protective Systems Intended for Use in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 1996 (as amended) are required.

This problem was first identified by the German authorities who have already taken measures prohibiting the placing on the market and withdrawal from the market/retailers of this mobile phone in Germany.

Action required:


UK suppliers should immediately cease the supply of the phone.


Avoid using the phone in potentially explosive atmospheres

Relevant legal provisions:

  • Health and Safety at Work etc Act (1974)
  • ATEX Directive (Directive 94/9/EC)
  • Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (1999)
  • Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (1998)

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