Powered perimeter gates

Health and Safety Executive - Safety alert

Department Name:
Operational Strategy Division - Services Transportation and Safety Unit

Bulletin No:
OPSTD 1-2011

Issue Date:
21 January 2011

Target Audience:
Landlord, Commercial owner or facilities manager of property with Powered Perimeter Gates

Key Issues:
What you must do if you are the Landlord, Commercial owner or facilities manager of property with these gates


The purpose of this General Safety Notice is to advise Landlords, Commercial owners or facilities managers of properties with Powered Perimeter Gates, what they must do to ensure the safety of people in the vicinity of such gates.

The advice below summarises the action you need to take so that the public, your staff, and other workers are not put at risk by the gate's design, construction, operation or lack of maintenance.


During the summer of 2010 two children died after becoming trapped in powered gates. They were trapped because:

HSE issued two Safety Notices in 2010 giving some details on the risks and the protection methods needed. This detailed information is intended primarily for the gate industry, but it will help you check that the company or person you employ to maintain or install such gates is competent, as they should be aware of the content and be able to explain its details to you. These Safety Notices are available on the HSE website at:

Action required:

Following this guidance will help you comply with your legal duties under the Health and Safety at Work Act, and other related regulations.

Action to take:

General note:

Please pass this information to others who have this equipment on their premises.