Managing construction health risks: Key points

Managing health risks is no different to managing safety risks. This page outlines the essential principles that you need to know.

Who does what?

The law places duties on all those involved in construction work.

Remember - 'Everyone has a role to play'

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You cannot properly control construction health risks without first having clear plans:

  • Plan - your overall strategy
  • Identify - the health hazards linked to your work
  • Assess - the significance of these hazards
  • Involve - workers in managing health risks

Remember - 'Manage risk not lifestyles'

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Clear plans are no good if you do not act on them:

  • Prevent - risks before work starts
  • Control - any remaining risk
  • Train - workers

Remember - 'Ill-health can be prevented'

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You may already have the right controls in place but are they all working?

  • Supervise - workers
  • Maintain - controls
  • Monitor - controls to ensure they are effective
  • Act - to put any problems right

Remember - 'Control the risks not the symptoms'

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Updated 2022-11-01